Gay Hamilton as Marian Fitzwarren

The Scottish actress Gay Hamilton as Lady Marian Fitzwarren, in a publicity shot for the Hammer Studios 1967 film A Challenge for Robin Hood.


Clement Glen said...

Gay Hamilton
A Challenge for Robin Hood 1967
Maid Marian
Marian Fitzwarren
Images of a Legend

Clement Glen said...

This 1967 film version of the legend, 'A Challenge for Robin Hood,' also included in its cast, James Hayter. Hayter had played a pinnacle Friar Tuck in Walt Disney's 'Story of Robin Hood' and once again recreated the role for this Hammer production.

robin hood said...

Great picture.

Although a lot of the actors in those Hammer versions left something to be desired, there is some great "dark" imagery in them.

I'm a HUGE Hammer Horror fan, 1957 - c.1965.

Anonymous said...

More photoes of gay Hamilton please