One Year of the Story

This is the tale of Robin Hood
And of his merry men........

And with Alan a Dale’s opening song from Walt Disney’s ‘Story of Robin Hood’ I began my first posting a year ago. I would like to thank all those that have left their kind words of encouragement in my message book or on the site over this period. There are two people in particular who have added links to this site from their web pages who I would like to thank. Anna Fraser on the ‘Robin Hood Appreciation Society’ site and ‘Robin Hood’ on his ‘Robin Hood 2007.’ Both of these sites are incredibly informative and well worth regular visits (links to their sites can be found in the right-hand column).

During the past 123 postings we have had a look at Denham Studios, some of the lives of the stars of the movie, including James Robertson Justice, Bill Owen, Joan Rice, Peter Finch and others. Also featured was the genius behind the movie, Walt Disney, and the amazing talents of Carmen Dillon, Ken Annakin and Peter Ellenshaw.

Other topics in the years postings, have included the release of the Story of Robin Hood on 8mm Disney Home Movies and the film’s showing on the luxurious cruise ship Caronia.

But this blog is also about the fascinating legend of Robin Hood. So we have examined a couple of the early ballads about the outlaw, the original size of Sherwood Forest, the ruthless rules of medieval forest law and its penalties, Friar Tuck, archery, the quarter-staff and the mystery surrounding the legends of Will Scarlet’s and Little John’s graves. All these posts are labelled in the right hand column where they can be easily accessed.

I am taking a short break, but will be back soon. In the meantime it would be great to hear from some of you. Your comments are always very welcome and encouraging, so please, if you are a first time visitor, or one of my regulars, please drop a line! When did you first hear the story of Robin Hood? Why do you think an English medieval outlaw with a wooden bow and arrow is still popular all over the world in the twenty-first century? Have you seen the new BBC series of Robin Hood and how does it compare to past productions?

See you in about a week!


robin hood said...

Enjoy your break Clement.

I know what it's like having a hobby like this one. Sometimes it gets in the way of real life! (Where does the time go?)

Clement of the Glen said...

Thank's Robin!

Well, I'm back. All refreshed.

Yes this hobby is very time consuming. Still I've got lots of ideas and hope to start frantically pressing the keys through the approaching long cold winter evenings.

robin hood said...

I don't know what your search engine results look like on your hits counter, but one tip I picked up is that the comments boxes sometimes attract the robots more than the posts. This is why I always place a comment in my own boxes, containing the names of those cast members most likely to be Googled.

Also, the text in the sidebar shows up on Google often much more than the posts.

I think this is a great site, and I hope it draws the attention it deserves. So, no intrusive advise intended. Just a few things that help me.

Clement of the Glen said...

I'm still learning Robin and will eagerly listen to any tips you pass on.

I am getting many visitors from all over the world and gradually accumulating a lot of regulars. But they do seem reluctant to post any comments. Sadly this does seem a regular trend on many blogs.

Many thanks,Robin for your continued support.

Anonymous said...

Hey Clement!

For the time my parents had showed Disney's film "The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men" to me (I think I was about five or six years old) I have never found such a great "piece of art" concerning this human legend than this particular film version! You have brougt this "jewel of film history" back to life - thank you very much! All these pictures and short scenes - my childhood is becoming real again! ;-)
I wonder if there's a way to find a copy of the film somewhere - even here in Germany...?

Best whishes!