16: The Giant Stranger

Robin went bounding off down the other side of the bamk and vanished through the trees. At the foot of the hill there ran a broad stream and on the other side appeared the reason for the signal arrow. A very tall, broad man with a quarter-staff was about to step onto a tiny footbridge.

Robin stalked him cautiously, then stepped forward.

“Stand aside fellow!” Called out Robin, “let the better man pass.”
“Then you stand aside!” Growled the stranger.
“Were you as tall as your pride Goliath,” said Robin, “this would bring you down.”
In a flash Robin fitted an arrow to his bow.
“An arrow against a staff is not a man’s game,” remarked the giant.
Robin lowered his bow. “My faith, no man put the coward’s name on me. Will you wait while I cut a cudgel?”
“Aye!” He chuckled as Robin lopped off a sapling of Ash with his sword.
“Come on little David,” said the stranger.
“You know how that bout ended,” said Robin as he raised his staff.

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