7. Marian Presents The Prize

“Good bowman,” said Queen Eleanor, “step forward.”

“My lady paramount,” said Hugh Fitzooth, “I beg a favour, let the golden arrow be given to him whose arrow hit the mark first and no less truly than mine.”

“Well said yeoman,” said Queen Eleanor smiling her approval.

Robin hesitantly moved forward to receive the golden prize from the Queen, then stepped to the side to where Maid Marian sat and offered her the arrow.

“Your archery has vastly improved,” she said blushing slightly.

“There was no one, this time, to meddle with my target,” said Robin.
Marian laughed, “thank you Robin,” she said, “it will remind me of this day where ever I may go.”

“You leave Nottingham?” Robin asked.

“Today, replied Maid Marian. “I journey with the Queen to London.”

“God keep you!” Said Robin.

The Queen rose and Marian turned to attend her. Robin rejoined his father and Prince John lent over and began whispering to his new Sheriff of Nottingham.

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