Maid Marian's Hats

Joan Rice in the Aberdeen Evening Express

As many of you know, I am a family historian and genealogist - my site is here. And, it was while doing some research for a client that I discovered this little nugget of information. In the Aberdeen Evening Express dated 17th April 1952 - a few weeks after the world premiere of Walt Disney's 'Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men,' in London. It says:
Pretty Joan Rice, British film actress, who plays Maid Marian in Walt Disney's new picture, "The Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men," took a great fancy to the hats she wore in that film. And so she adapted two of them for her own use.
On the left is an exact replica of the hat she wore in the picture, and on the right, is another attractive adaption.

I do know that Joan had several keep-sakes from the movie, so I wonder if the hats are still around, somewhere? Please get in touch if you know!

One of my favourite stills of Joan Rice

And another of Joan Rice wearing 'that' hat.

This website is dedicated to the memory of Joan Rice (1930-1997), she will always be our Maid Marian. Down the years I have gradually pieced together her life story. If you click on the labels provided, you will find over 91 pages full of information about this beautiful British actress.

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