Richard Todd Autographs

Richard Todd as Robin Hood

It is always interesting to see memorabilia from Walt Disney's Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men (1952). John Nelson has shared some of his wonderful collection before and this signed autograph of Richard Todd is one of the best. John says:
"Sending you my Richard Todd autographed photo/Lobby card. These are possibly two of the nicest and most memorable items I have in my Story of Robin Hood collection.
Two of many posters, lobby cards and photos that Richard kindly signed for me over the years.
Signed at his desk he was very careful and quite meticulous in the way he signed them. The first one is a lovely 11x14 photograph I had enlarged from an original still, the clarity is amazing and the inscription even more so.
The lobby card story is quite amusing. He was signing so many items for me that he wrote "Robin Todd". We laughed and then he added Richard to the front of his Robin Todd autograph. 🏹
I have so many happy memories of meeting up with him. Always the perfect gentleman and sadly missed by his friends, family and his many admirers.

I hope you like them and can share them with the many followers of your wonderful "The Story of Robin Hood" website.

Keep up the great work, always interesting and informative".

Richard Todd signs as Robin Fitzooth

Below is John's signed lobby card showing Richard Todd's autograph as Richard Robin Todd.

'Richard Robin Todd'

It is interesting to see how garish these lobby cards were. We have seen before, that the whole set seem to have been printed in a way that coloured the costumes differently from the original movie. Was this to make the images brighter? And therefor more eye catching? Or was it due to the primitive printing techniques of the 1950s? If you know, please get in touch. 

If you have memorabilia or memories of the movie, or perhaps autographs of the wonderful stars that appeared in Disney's Story of Robin Hood, please get in touch.


Clement Glen said...

"Richard Todd Autographs"

Special thanks to John Nelson

Neil said...

I have to take issue with you Clement when you mention 'the primitive printing techniques of the 1950 s' because if you look through any of the Annuals and the Magazines of the day, the colour plates are simply superb - and the colour in my view is unsurpassed. However you were really referring to the Front of House Stills with the changed colour - and in my view these are foreign cards - maybe Spanish or South American - so maybe the colour techniques there were different I really don't know. Anyway this is a wonderful article on the signed photographs which are unique. What a collection to have - signed by Robin himself - and in my own view the best screen Robin Hood ever.

R Hodgson said...

I Have just acquired two This is your life shows on Richard one being bw from 1960
And the other from 1988 which has a guest appearance by Joan Rice who Richard greeted warmly.
I would have put a screenshot on here but not sure how to do it