Disney's Robin Hood Script 2

Noland's Disney employee card

Those of you that have read my recent blog post, Disney's Robin Hood Script, will know of my excitement at seeing such a treasured item. Cindy has since, sent some more images, including the original employees identification card for Walt Disney Productions, once owned by her father-in-law, Noland Blackburn (above).

Reverse of Noland's employee card

Noland Philip Blackburn worked for Walt Disney during the 1950's and it is through the kindness of his daughter-in-law Cindy, that we are able to see pages from the original film script of The Story of Robin Hood (1952).

Robin (Richard Todd) looks for the assailant

Below is a page from the script describing the scene where Robin Hood's father is shot in the back by Red Gill, played by Archie Duncan.

Robin's father is shot by the assailant.

The original script describes the assailant and Robin both stalking each other and crawling 'in a circle through the brush.' These scenes were obviously later cut from the movie.

Robin kills that assailant - Red Gill.

Detail of the script 

Below is a couple of pages from Laurence's fabulous Picture Strip that show images of those scenes that were finally used in the movie. 

To see the whole of Walt Disney's Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men in this picture strip, please click here.

The final scene

I featured the page above in my last edition. This is the final scene where Robin Hood hugs Marian in front of King Richard and the outlaws. But this time the script is accompanied with a rare photograph taken in the studio at Denham as they filmed that exact same scene (below).

Marian (Joan Rice) hugs Robin (Richard Todd) in Denham Studios

Joan Rice as Marian and Richard Todd as Robin Hood

Once again many thanks to Cindy. 


Clement Glen said...

A special thank you to Cindy.

And Happy Easter to all my readers!

Neil said...

I just love that photograph of the filming inside Denham Film Studios showing the partial set of Robin Hood's camp on what Ken Annakin described as a huge set around 200 ft wide. Difficult to imagine this with all the detail that went into it - the trees, the foliage, the hill and leaves on the ground - and even the slight breeze that blows and moves the leaves on the trees. This picture shows just a slight glimpse of that - and makes us wish again that we could walk around those wonderful sets. Oh for a Time Machine !!!

Clement Glen said...

Oh Yes! A day trip in a Time Machine to see all those great stars producing such magic!

liza said...

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