David Davies (1906-1974)

Many thanks to Christian Roy for recently contacting me with information about another actor who appeared in our favourite movie. Christian says:
Dear Clement,
David Davies has been credited in The Story of Robin Hood but not spoken about in your most interesting blog. The Forester’s part is being played by David Davies - we briefly see him at Nottingham Square heralding Robin’s outlawry.
We best remember him as the jailer in Ber-Hur who stares at BH’s mother and sisters (who have contacted leprosy in jail).

David Davies as the Forester

As Christian mentions, David Davies (1906-1974) appeared as the burly forester in Walt Disney's live-action movie The Story of Robin Hood (1952). Standing in Nottingham Square, this 6' 4'' actor declares in his deeply gruff voice that Robin Hood (Richard Todd) has been declared an outlaw by Prince John (Hubert Gregg).

Davies as the Forester

Born in Bryn Mawr, Wales, Davies appeared in many British films including productions set in his homeland. These include The Three Weird Sisters (1948), Tiger Bay (1959), Only Two Can Play (1962) and Under Milk Wood (1972). But his height and stature also led him to being cast in authoritarian roles such as a police officer in the classic Ealing comedy The Lavender Hill Mob (1951),  a sergeant in Miss Robin Hood (1952), a Welsh police constable in The Third Key (1956) and as a captain in The Heroes of Telemark (1965).

Before appearing as the forester in The Story of Robin Hood, Davies had also appeared in Walt Disney's first English live-action movie. This was Treasure Island (1950) in which he played Mr Arrow alongside Robert Newton as Long John Silver.

David Davies as Mr Arrow in Treasure Island

Apart from a whole whole host of productions for the silver screen, Davies, like many other actors often made the transition to television. The list of his work includes many much-loved series of the 1950's and 1960's. These include, The Adventures of Robin Hood, Sir Francis Drake, Z Cars, Richard The Lionheart, The Avengers, No Hiding Place, Doomwatch, Armchair Theatre and Coronation Street.

David Davies sadly passed away in Carmarthen, Wales in 1974 aged 68.

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Clement Glen said...

Many thanks to Christian Roy for the information on David Davies (1906-1974).

Ghostsoldier said...

I loved him in Treasure Island!


Neil said...

There was a David Davies who was on BBC Children's Hour Radio in the late forties and fifties and he had a very distinctive voice and was extremely popular reading stories. I think - in fact I am pretty sure - that this actor was someone quite different.
Nevertheless this actor was in the TWO Disney films made at Denham Film Studios. He must have loved every minute of it !!