Walt Disney's Story of Robin Hood Capitol Records (78) DBX-3138

Capitol Record's 'Reader' Disney's Story of Robin Hood

We have recently looked at some wonderful comic strip art associated with Walt Disney's live-action motion picture the Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men (1952). I thought this time I would feature another set of beautiful illustrations based on the film. So at the end of this post is a YouTube video that includes not only a narration of the story but every page of the colorful story book that accompanied the Capitol Record 'Reader' Walt Disney's Story of Robin Hood. I think you will agree that the art work is delightful.

This double album with a 20 page booklet was originally released by Capitol Records in 1952 and was an adaption of the movie by Alan Livingston.

The Billboard from August 1952 announced: 
This is certain to be treasured by the many youngsters who will be lucky recipients of the album. What is etched on the two discs is just part of attraction. Bound into the album is a superbly illustrated 20 page book telling the Robin Hood story as it is given on the records. It is an excellent adaption of the Walt Disney pic by Capitol exec Alan Livingston. Nester Paiva is the narrator and songs are contributed by Eddie Pola, George Wyle, Elton Hayes and Lawrence E. Watkins with Billy May conducting the work. All do fine jobs. Dealers who tie in with the runs of the movie should move plenty of copies; also the set is capable of doing well enough on its own.

The movie had been released in New York on 26th June 1952 and the Billboard chart (above) was based on reports received for August 6th, 7th and 8th 1952. The records listed were those records selling best in American retail stores at the time. 

Below is the video that includes the narration and artwork by Paterson and Simonson :

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