A Day To Remember

Lavinia with Richard Todd and Peter Green

How many readers of this blog would have liked to have swapped places with these two children? A while ago I posted an article on The Boys' and Girls' Cinema Clubs Annual from my collection. It featured an article on two youngsters, Lavinia Bailey (as she was then!) and Peter Green who were lucky enough to spend a day at Denham Studios, in Buckinghamshire, during the filming of Walt Disney's Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men in 1951.

Since then Lavinia has been in touch via the Disney's Story of Robin Hood Facebook site with the image taken of her with Richard Todd (Robin Hood) and Peter Green. It caused quite a lot of interest. I asked Lavinia about her memories of that special day and she replied:

"Yes, I still remember the day at Denham Studios very well after all those years. It was very exciting to meet Richard Todd, Joan Rice, Peter Finch, Hubert Gregg and James Hayter. I have their autographs somewhere and will try and dig them out!"

I hope Lavinia will share some more of her memories of that special day soon.


Clement Glen said...

Many thanks to Lavinia for getting in touch via the Facebook site. If you have any memories of seeing the film being made or any comments about the movie you would like to share, please get in touch.

Neil said...

Lavinia must have had an absolutely fantastic day in 1951 at Denham on the set of the film and meeting the actors. Gosh I would love to listen to her memories of this so much. Not just about the actors and crew but the film sets that had been built in the studio - some of the best I have ever seen - and all the other details such as going through those large gates at Denham and the general feel of the place. I imagine it would be a nice summer day also. I wonder which sequences they were doing at the time, and I am sure she commented earlier saying that they were going over one scene again and again to get it right - but of course that is the nature of film making. Wonderful stuff. How envious I am of that visit but at least we have someone who we know was there.

Jules Frusher said...

I agree Neil and I hope she will give us a bit more detail of her time there when she can.

Anonymous said...

Great! Hopefully Latvinia and Peter Green (if he is still alive) would share particular memories with members of this blog.