Joan Rice in the Fiji Islands

Joan Rice's biggest break into Hollywood came with her role in the lavish Warner Brothers production His Majesty O'Keefe. Below is a copy of the article that appeared in a magazine promoting the movie during its production:

"Being a Hollywood star, British-born Joan Rice decided, has the same privileges as being a world traveller. At least that was her experience when she signed to star in His Majesty O’Keefe for Warner Brothers. She went on location with Burt Lancaster and the rest of the cast and crew to the Fiji Islands. It was a wonderful experience, one that Joan will never forget.

The green-eyed brunette loves adventure and travel anyway and is brimming with curiosity and people of other countries. She plays the piano, has a dog named Beau Geste and a cat named Digby Geste. She plays bridge and canasta and loves cricket and would like to belong to a women's cricket club. She loves clothes, prefers soup and vegetables to steak and potatoes and her favourite authors are O'Henry and Neville Shute.

Joan Rice co-starred with Burt Lancaster, went on location to the Fiji Islands for the film. The British start met tribesman, saw a dressing room built in little time. She learned to fish, island-style, discussed Island lore with native women, and collected souvenirs."



Mike Giddens said...

Joan looked very gorgeous in this, it was on TCM a month ago, Joan looked really sensational.

Clement Glen said...

It was such a shame that her career waned after this movie.

Neil said...

A film I remember so well from my youth. We could see the South Sea Islands in colour and cinemascope. Absolutely wonderful. Exciting film too but although I really liked Joan Rice, I have never been a fan of Burt Lancaster although I have to admit he was in many good films. For Joan though - from the glades of Sherwood Forest to the South Sea Islands in a short time - seems like a fairy tale - and from a personal point of view, these are two of my own favourite films.