Happy New Year !

Above is the only Robin I saw during my visit to Sherwood Forest last year!

A very Happy New Year to all my readers and thank you for your continued support. This blog has continued to grow beyond my wildest dreams and a lot of it it is due to the amazing input and encouragement of Neil, Albie, Trish, Mike, Geoff and Laurence. Thank you so much for your help and regular comments. 

This site is now getting over a hundred visits a day so hopefully we will hear from a few more readers this year!


Clement Glen said...

"Happy New Year !"

Neil said...

This is a Blog that I would never have thought would have ever started and then thrived on the sheer amount of information which has come through. Thank goodness someone - namely you Clement - had the foresight to start this up. As we all know before this, the film was little known and some of us have spent a lifetime searching for whatt we have now got Thanks to you.

Clement Glen said...

Thank you Neil. It's been a project that I have never grown tired of and has opened up so many different paths.