Geoffrey Rodway

It’s always great to get some feed-back from my blog posts. Two years ago I posted a picture of Joan Rice (1930-1997) in the make-up department for her role as Maid Marian during the filming of Walt Disney’s Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men in early 1951.

At the time, I was not sure who the gentleman was applying the make-up. I went through the names, including Geoffrey Rodway the Makeup Supervisor on the movie, Trevor Crole-Rees, Stuart Freeborn, Eddie Knight, A. L Lawrence, Robert Alexander and Wally Schneiderman. They are all listed in various articles as uncredited makeup artists on Disney’s live-action movie. At the time I guessed in might have been Geoffrey Rodway.

 Well I was thrilled recently to receive a comment on that post from Alex Rodway who said:
“Yes that is Geoffrey Rodway, my grandfather.”

I am hoping Geoff will get back in touch and perhaps share any anecdotes he may have heard regarding his grandfather’s career in the film business, particularly on the ‘Story of Robin Hood!’ 


Clement Glen said...

"Geoffrey Rodway"

Geoffrey Rodway Make-Up Supervisor.

Walt Disney's Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men (1952)

Joan Rice (1930-1997)

Neil said...

Another wonderful find - of someone who has connections to the making of the film. Great News again

Neil said...

I have just looked further into the career of Geoffrey Rodway and it seems he was active from the early forties right through to the seventies working in the make-up departments. Also he worked with Joan Rice - not just on Robin Hood but also Curtain Up, A Day To Remember and One Good Turn. Before Robin Hood he had also worked on Treasure Island. Interesting to note some of the careers that go along with the Film Industry - particularly as it was at that time.

Clement Glen said...

Thanks for this information Neil. It seems there are many familiar names linked to those well-loved films of that era.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Just a quick question. Did Geoffrey Rodway Ever live in Iver Bucks with his family. If so I used to be a friend of theirs.


Clement Glen said...

I have had a quick look, but unfortunately I can not find any information on where he later lived. Perhaps a reader can help.