The Story of Robin Hood Trailer

Neil has managed to find the original trailer to Walt Disney's Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men (1952).


Clement of the Glen said...

Its great to see a trailer for our movie at long last!! A big thank you to Neil for finding this!

Story of Robin hood Trailer.

Neil said...

You can search and search for things and very often to no avail but every so often a stroke of luck comes and finding this trailer was very thrilling. It is something we have all looked for over a long time it seems. The trailer is very good and typical of the style of those years and it certainly made you want to go and see the film. I love the slightly old fashioned style but it certainly conveyed the colour, excitement and action of the film. It is astonishing what this Blog and the people who contribute to it have found over these years. Thanks to Clement for opening the doors for us on a largely forgotten
film - not forgotten by me I would hasten to add

Clement of the Glen said...

Another landmark in bringing this wonderful movie to peoples attention.

It might be sixty years old. but the movie and the trailer, in my opinion, still seem remarkably fresh, compared to films of the same period.

Mike Giddens said...

Fantastic find Neil, you never disapiont!!!