New Template and Connection Problems?

I have recently up-dated my blog’s template, so I would like your opinions on it. I was pleased with its new look, but Geoff Waite contacted me and told me he is now unable to access my blog. A message comes up from Blogger Support advising him that there is a problem.

I am not sure if a change in the template is connected with this, so if any other of my readers has encountered this problem would you please let me know?




Clement Glen said...

New Template

Connection Problems

Kathryn Warner said...

It works fine for me, Clement!

Neil said...

No problems with mine either Clement although I have to say I dont like the new format. Maybe just personal taste and down to the individual of course but to me it is not what it was and I find it uninviting. No doubt I will be shot down in flames by other users - just have to wait and see. I do love the blog though and its concentration on the film.

Albie said...

No problems for me. It's unlikely to be the new template causing the problem. Best thing would be to try clearing the web browser cache or using a free app called CCleaner to clear everything out that is not needed - this assumes you are using Windows of course. Web browsers store info every time you visit a web site. Could be a clash with this.

WoodsyLadyM said...

Works fine for me too.

Clement Glen said...

Thanks folks.

Geoff has been in touch and everything now seems O.K.

What ever it was, sorted itself out!

Adele Treskillard said...

I haven't noticed any problems, Clement! As good as usual for me! I like the pictures up top, but you did change that a while ago; what changes are you referring to?

Smiles from Sherwood,

Adele :D ;) :)

Clement Glen said...

Google have brought out some new templates, Adele.

I liked this darker style, but when Geoff had problems getting on this site I wasn't sure if it had caused a problem with some computers.

Avalon said...

No problems here