Political Robin Hood

As Britain’s Election begins tomorrow (Thursday), I thought I would take a small look at how - 600 hundred years later - a medieval outlaw still has an influence in our modern world and its politics.

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Clement of the Glen said...

"Political Robin Hood"

Images of a Legend

Albie said...

With the current state of finances in the UK I think our leaders are more akin to the Sheriff of Nottingham with the amount of taxes we will end up paying, regardless of who is next Prime Minister.

Whoever it is will be re-named 'Robbing Hood' I believe... ;o))

Clement of the Glen said...

You're right Albie!

England heavily taxed and going broke

Rich getting Richer

Bankers still awarding themselves huge payrises!

Another Robin Hood film about to be released!

Somethings never change!

Adele Treskillard said...

Yes, I am afraid that the US is in a similar position; non-government sources of wealth are being eroded by increased taxes, while the government itself lives in luxury and doesn't bother inflating things on the rest of us. At any rate, half of one's income goes to the government over here even just in the middle class. It's awful.

Unknown said...

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