Joan Rice's First Orchids

Above is a great picture of Richard Todd and Joan Rice taken in London (possibly at the Dorchester Hotel) on the 28th February 1951 in London. It had just been announced that they would star together in Walt Disney’s second live-action movie the ‘Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men (1952).’

The back of the picture explains that Richard is giving Joan her ‘first orchids’.

Was it an old theatrical tradition for the leading man to give his leading lady orchids when they sign their contracts? Perhaps my readers could let me know.


Clement of the Glen said...

28th February 1951 in London.

Richard Todd presents Joan Rice with her first orchids at the announcement that they will star together in 'Robin Hood'.

Neil said...

Richard looks as though he is really relishing the prospect of working closely with Joan Rice - Who wouldnt ? This is a great picture and Joan looks very happy. These two look a perfect couple in this shot. I would have thought they would have got on well during filming - they certainly looked good together on screen.

Herns son said...

Great shot clement, as Neil said , the perfect couple, little did they know that all these years later the film would still move people and have a following so great.I'm off to watch it again, "If I need your help i'll call".