Film Script 2: King Richard at Nottingham Castle

Script From 'The Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men'

(From the screen play by Lawrence Edward Watkin)

Scene 2: Nottingham Castle

[The Earl of Huntingdon arrives with his daughter Maid Marian and their retinue on horseback at Nottingham Castle].

[King Richard, Queen Eleanor and Prince John enter the Great Hall at Nottingham Castle].

King Richard: I would you were coming with us brother John.

Prince John: I was not born to conqueror kingdoms Richard.

King Richard: Then while I’m gone you must help me govern mine. Our Midland Counties need the firm guidance of a princely heir.

Prince John: I pledge you my faith, I will uphold your laws with the strictest diligence.

King Richard: Diligence yes, tempered with understanding. The strength of England stems from the well being of her humblest peasant. Let your first care be for our Kingdom, you’re second for our lady mother.

Queen Eleanor: A woman who has reared two sons like you, can look after herself.

[The Earl of Huntingdon approaches].

King Richard: Welcome Huntingdon! Rise up man, do not kneel to a brother knight of the Cross. Now truly we can say the best and bravest of our realm are gathered here.

Earl of Huntingdon: May God make us worthy of you trust Sire. But before we go. I have a boon to ask of the Queen, your mother. I pray you madam, take my girl into your household, ‘till my return?

Queen Eleanor: Come here child.

[Maid Marian approaches and kneels before the Queen].

Queen Eleanor: What is your name?

Maid Marian: Marian, madam.

Queen Eleanor: Marian. A sweet and gentle name, does your nature match it?

Maid Marian: If it pleased the Queen.

Queen Eleanor: Rise then. I will take her and in your absence keep her safe.

Earl of Huntingdon: I humbly thank you madam.
[As the royal party proceed The Sheriff of Nottingham kneels before King Richard].

Sheriff: My lord king, I too would beg a boon.

King Richard: What! Another petitioner! Say on Sir Sheriff.

Sheriff: My men and I would follow our king across the seas?

King Richard: Granted! The King wills it!

[King Richard turns to Prince John].

King Richard: Find a new Sheriff of Nottingham and men to serve him.

Prince John: I will my lord.

[As King Richard and the Royal Family walk down the steps of Nottingham Castle the assembled troops cheer loudly].

King Richard: My Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, we ask a blessing on this our most Holy enterprise.

[The Archbishop of Canterbury turns to the crusading soldiers and raises his hand. The troops kneel in prayer].

Archbishop of Canterbury: Almighty God, Lord of Battles, lead the armies of the cross to the Holy places and give, them we beseech Thee, victory in the coming strife. Grant wisdom and guidance to the princes of Christendom and vouch safe that those who fall, may enter the glory of Thy kingdom.
[Assembled soldiers reply Amen. King Richard removes his sword from its scabbard, kisses its handle and then receives a kiss from his mother Queen Eleanor. He raises his sword].

King Richard: To horse!

[King Richard then mounts his white horse and ceremoniously raises his sword once again].

King Richard: Advance my banner! God wills it!

[The assembled crusaders leave through Nottingham Castle gates].


Clement of the Glen said...

Script From The Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men

(From the screen play by Lawrence Edward Watkin)

Scene 2: Nottingham Castle

Craig said...

That scene of the Archbishop blessing the crusaders is one of my favorites. It really captures a romantic and idealistic version of marching off to the crusades which I think fits in well with the film.