An 'All Walt Disney' Show

Above is a copy of the advertisement for the American cinema release of Walt Disney’s Story of Robin Hood along with its two accompanying shorts from 1952.

Walt Disney’s Water Birds was released in America on 26th July 1952 along with The Story of Robin Hood. It is basically a 30 minute wild-life documentary written and narrated by Winston Hibler and directed by Ben Sharpsteen. It won an Academy Award in 1953 for Best Short Subject (Two-Reel). The film was produced by Walt Disney as part of the True-Life Adventures series of nature documentaries. This is a description of the film by the New York Times on 27th June 1952:

“This time, more than a dozen cameramen, in cooperation with the National Audubon Society and the Denver Museum of Natural History, have trained their Technicolor sights on gannets, fairy terns, pelicans, coots, grebes, snowy egrets, flamingos, curlews and other water fowl to come up with a film document which again both educates and entertains. Especially edifying are such slow-motion shots as gannets plummeting from great heights into the waters below and a mating dance of the Western grebe which is as comic as a Chaplin fandango. And the integration of the musical background and the intelligent and humorous narration by Winston Hibler makes "Water Birds" a treat for both the eye and the ear."

The Little House is a cartoon short directed by Wifred Jackson, based on the book written by Virginia Lee Burton in 1942.It was narrated by Sterling Holloway and tells the story of how a house tries to compete with progress and the encroachment of the big city. It was released on the 8th August 1952.


Clement of the Glen said...

Walt Disney’s 'Water Birds'
Walt Disney's 'Little House'
Walt Disney's 'Story of Robin Hood'
An 'All Walt Disney' Show (1952)

Neil said...

Do we have any information on the British release which was earlier that year and more particularly what was the supporting film or films. I cant remember but someone might know. Will consult the old Picture Show or Picturegoer magazines and this should tell us. It seems to me that the Disney Live Action films made in England in the early 50s - of which this was one of course - coincided with the financial improvement of the organisation and also its Worldwide success and recognition. It also moved the company from what had been seen as the childrens animated studio into a whole new area and a new era. They were very important films to the company and this one was probably the most successful financially of the four

Herns son said...

The story of Robin Hood was on release with "Lady and the Tramp",everytime i saw it. Although there was two years differnce, Lady and the Tramp was released 1955. Every time there was a Disney double bill it would always be a cartoon full length feature plus a true life, such as, Robin Hood or Treasue Island .in fact it was always a perfect double bill from Disney.So Robin Hood was released with a full length cartoon in 1952, possibly Peter Pan at that time.

Ladytink_534 said...

I've been meaning to see if I can find the book that short is based on. I always liked the cartoon. Sterling Holloway is one of my favorite actors.

Alex said...

I love "Water Birds," "The Little House" and of course, "The Story of Robin Hood." Next time I watch it, I might try to recreate this "All Walt Disney Show" and play all three films in a row.

P.S: Thanks for linking to my blog! I greatly appreciate it.