Joan Rice and Kathryn Grayson

Happy New Year to you all! I would like to begin a new year of postings with a great press photo sent in by Neil of Joan Rice with Kathryn Grayson in Hollywood. This according to our timeline must have been taken about August 1952 when according to the newspapers of the time; Joan was ‘flashing her engagement ring to the Hollywood wolves.’

Joan Rice had got engaged in July 1952 to Martin Boyce, who is described as, "a regular pip of a fellow.” He was British, and “the manager of an auto parts factory/manufacturer of air compressors.”

"We went together for a year and three months before he proposed," Joan revealed to reporters. "As I recall it, we held hands after four months, then he kissed me on the sixth month of our meeting each other and things were on a standstill after that, until I got the news I was coming to the States."

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Clement of the Glen said...

Joan Rice and Kathryn Grayson
Hollywood circa August 1952
Martin Boyce

Neil said...

This is interesting in the date of the picture. Joan Rice must have visited Hollywood on her way OUT to film His MajestyOKeefe which was filmed later in 1952. Katherine Grayson at that time seemed to have just completed MGM films and started with Warner Bros - who released His Majesty O Keefe. The Hollywood visit didnt seem to lead anywhere though, which always surprises me as the films she had made were very successful and released world-wide. What in the world went wrong? As for Martin Boyce, I hope you might be able to make contact. He was indeed a lucky man to be engaged to Joan Rice but all we have is conjecture. If she was engaged in August 1952 things must have happened quickly. She was back to England by December 1952 but married David Green around Feb 1953 from memory. The period between starting to film Story of Robin Hood and these events is so short and so much happened. Maybe we will discover even more - I hope so.

robin hood said...

Happy New Year, Clement.