James Hayter as Mr Pickwick in 'The Pickwick Papers' (1952)

Two Friars. James Hayter was later picked by Ken Annakin to become the celebrated Friar Tuck in Walt Disney's Story of Robin Hood (1952). Alexander Gauge seen here as Mr Tupman, also became Friar Tuck in TV's Adventures of Robin Hood in 1955.


Clement of the Glen said...

Two Friar Tucks.

'The Pickwick Papers' (1952)

James Hayter
Alexander Gauge

Neil said...

Some of us can also remember another Friar Tuck played by Wensley Pithey between these two in about 1954 when Patrick Troughton played Robin Hood for a six part TV production - would have been done 'live' in those days.

Clement of the Glen said...

I'm far too young to remember Neil!

But yes he was Friar Tuck in the 6 episodes of TV's first Robin Hood made in 1953. Pithey also appeared in Men of Sherwood Forest in 1954.

Apparently the tapes of this first TV version of Robin Hood were wiped. Only a few clips remain.