Richard Todd and Joan Rice

Merry May Day to all my readers!

Today is the first day of May. A time of great celebration dateing right back to pagan times. Robin Hood became linked with the spring and summer festivals at an early stage and I shall look at this aspect of the legend in the future. In the meantime, here is the lord and lady of May, Robin Hood and Maid Marian (Richard Todd and Joan Rice).


Clement of the Glen said...

Richard Todd
Joan Rice
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Kijar said...

See Please Here

Neil said...

Wonderful publicity still of the two stars of the film - perfectly cast.
This was a studio set shot and again shows how incredibly good the sets were. Lovely to see yet another still that I have not seen before. It is a pity some of these stills were not in colour - nevertheless very good. Mention is of 1st May being the onset of spring. The start of filming was 30 April 1951 and as Richard Todd said in his autobiography, the Disney staff had not reckoned with a covering of snow that morning as they planned to do an outdoor shoot. It soon went of course and the film was sucessfully shot. I have seen some Box Office figures for Treasure Island but not for Story of Robin Hood even though I reckon it was more successful than any of the four live action films done in the early 50s by Walt Disney in England

Clement of the Glen said...

Great to hear from you again Neil.

I have a lot of questions about the film:

One of them is which London cinema held the Royal Premier of the film?

As you mention-what was the box office figures like?

Does anybody have a programme from the Royal Premier?

I am still hunting down information on Perce Pearce. I have visited hundreds of Disney web sites and left questions about his career but there is almost nothing available. It is very strange considering he played an important part in those early Disney classics.

So if anyone out there can help with any of these questions please get in touch.