Bill Owen


Clement of the Glen said...

I recently found this great publicity picture of Bill Owen. Bill was one of a whole host of great character actors who appeared in Walt Disney’s 'Story of Robin Hood.' For more information on the life of this talented performer, please click on his name in the right hand column of the screen.

robin hood said...

Hi Clement,

You may have seen this, or indeed probably got it, but I thought I'd pass it on just in case:

Clement of the Glen said...

Cheers Rob!

Couldn't get the first link to work, but the second, the record is not yet in my collection, but hopefully will be one day!

I always try and keep a look out for memorabilia and have quite a collection pileing up, which is starting to get on the wifes nerves!

Anonymous said...

For info, I think the publicity shot comes from the 1953 comedy 'There Was A Young Lady'.