18. John Little Changes His Name

John Little stuck out his huge hand.
“I am your man,” he said.
“What say you lads,” winked Will Scarlet, “shall we christen our infant?”
After a short struggle, Robin’s men over powered the huge man and they carried him, kicking and struggling to the edge of the stream and threw him in. As he scrambled out Will Scarlet tapped him gently on the shoulder.
“John Little, I dub thee Little John.”
Will Scarlet,” said Robin, “you Christen like a true son of the Church.” His face then clouded over. “Would we had some man in holy orders to care for our souls and tend our wounds.”
“I know one,” said Little John grinning.
“He is a holy hermit who lives near Alford Abbey. But he’d sooner break heads than mend them, his name is Friar Tuck.”

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