3. Marian Meets Queen Eleanor

Surrounded by their escort, the Earl of Huntingdon and his daughter crossed the drawbridge of Nottingham Castle and rode into the crowded yard. As they entered the Great Hall they were just in time to see King Richard leaving the Council Chamber with his mother Queen Eleanor and his brother Prince John. Alongside them was the Archbishop of Canterbury and many of the most powerful barons in England.

The King smiled as he saw Marian’s father.
“Welcome Huntingdon!” He cried. “Now truly we can say that the bravest of our realm are gathered here.”
“God make us worthy of your trust sire,” said the earl as he bowed gracefully to the king and his mother.
“Sire,” continued the earl, “ I have a boon to ask the Queen your mother.”
King Richard nodded graciously.
“I pray you madam,” he asked, “ take my daughter into your house hold until my return.”
“Come here child,” said Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine.
Marian approached them timidly and dropped to her knees to kiss the Queen’s hand.
“What is your name, child?” The Queen asked.
“Marian,” said the girl.
“A sweet and gentle name,” the Queen reflected, “ does your nature match it?”
“If it pleases the Queen,” replied Marian in a whisper.
The Queen looked carefully for a few moments into the girl’s face and then answered, “I will have her!”

Marian’s father bowed gratefully as the royal family moved to the outer door. But then they all stopped as the Sheriff of Nottingham went down on one knee.
“My Lord King,” he said, “I too would beg a boon. My men and I would follow our king across the seas.”
The Sheriff looked up nervously as King Richard hesitated.
“Find a new sheriff for Nottingham,” the king said to his brother John, “and men to serve him.”

“God save King Richard!” chanted the assembled knights.

“My Lord Archbishop of Canterbury,” said King Richard as they went down the castle steps, “We ask a blessing on this most holy enterprise.”

Heads bowed as the Archbishops of Canterbury and York blessed the many armed soldiers gathered in and beyond the castle walls. Then King Richard drew his sword and kissed the hilt. “To horse!” he cried. “Advance my banner! God wills it!”

With the sound of trumpets the great cavalcade began winding its way along the dusty road. Someone began singing a marching song and soon the whole army seemed to be singing along as the great Crusade left Nottingham Castle.


robin hood said...

Hi Clement,

I've been reading several of your comments as we pass through the leafy glades of various internet forums and sites. I think particularly on the 50's TV discussion board (?)

First of all big congratulations on what you've achieved here regarding the Disney Robin Hood. It still amazes me that a dvd isn't available of this classic. I know Disney have obviously long since decided to concentrate on marketing the Fox cartoon, but surely they could do both?

My only copy of the film is a rather worn video. (Which was of dubious quality in the first place, but has at least provided me with a source for the screen shots you expressed a liking for.)

Secondly, I don't think Radio Nottingham have a "listen again" facility for my interview, but I have posted it on the sidebar of the New Robin Hood blog. (Sound quality okay).

Lastly, and this is completely up to you, if you want a link on my main Robin Hood blog to this blog of yours, then all I ask is that you reciprocate in kind with a link. I do extend this offer to a lot of people, but I understand how everyone wants Robin to belong to them alone, and they turn me down. No problem.

Whatever you decide, I've at least "bookmarked" you on my pc. Best wishes and happy halloween.

Clement of the Glen said...

Many thanks for your kind words. I am new to blogging and have had all sorts of problems, but at last I think I have started to sort a few things out.

I will be pleased to advertise your blog and thoroughly recommend it to anyone with an interest in the various versions of the legend. I just need to work out how to put it on my blog!